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Play with my mind

the journal of sapiosexuality

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"You can only fuck someone for so long (5-8 hours is finite) but you can talk forever..."

A community for sapiosexuals around the world to discuss sapiosexuality.

What *is* sapiosexual/ity? wolfieboy defined it here and jadine has helped in getting the term out to a winder world.

If you would be interested in a T-shirt more information can be found here

Only members can post top-level. Comments are expected to be on-topic and polite. Anonymous comments will be screened. IP Addresses are always logged. No advertising of new communities, commercial enterprises or anything else not on topic.

This is a forum for positive discussion of sexuality in all its forms - no flaming! Please do not fight with other users. If you want to voice opposition to something brought up in here you must say more than 'this sucks'... you must explain your reasoning. Thank you!

Due to idiots creating fake accounts for the purpose of mass-spamming communities I've sadly had to change this to moderated membership so there may be a short delay until you can post here. The right to refuse membership (posting priviledges) is reserved.

Community Maintainer: vampwillow